Radian Vision Systems Website

Radiant Vision Systems



Year completed:

2015 + Ongoing




Information Architrecture, Design, Development, Hosting Research, and Project Management

The Challenge:

Radiant Vision Systems is a manufacturer specializing in world-class test and measurement systems for manufacturers of flat panel displays, illuminated keyboards, LEDs and other light sources. The site had to be extremely secure, allow for multiple translations with the first one in Chinese, and showcase the companies line of products and software. Because the company tests electronic display devices, the site had to be responsive and have the ability to beautifully display across all mobile, desktop, and tablets.

The Solution:

Rhizome created a responsive site that features products, software and a learning area with an organized library of various solutions and products. It also includes best practices for the display of Chinese fonts and the ability to toggle between languages. WebBuild: Bootstrap + Drupal