Sandy Pederson

Sandy Pederson

Writer & Editor

Favorite book: Travels With Myself and Another, Martha Gellhorn
Favorite decadent food: A big juicy steak
Little known fact about my childhood: 

I was a Saskatchewan chicken farmer in my spare time.

As a writer and editor in the global development field, Sandy is charged with making complex, often difficult issues clear and compelling to both experts and newcomers alike. Typically this means making unfamiliar stories resonate with others in a way they do not expect. It also means making big numbers meaningful: what do five billion dollars in funding or six million arts-related jobs look like?

Using a combination of storytelling, information design, and data visualization skills, Sandy pulls succinct messages out of data and reveals the faces and stories behind the numbers. She work closely with designers to translate statistics into infographics, charts, photographs, or even a simple sentence to communicate value and potential impact. This does not mean simply designing beautiful graphics, but communicating rich and relatableinformation that people can use to either advance their own work or spread the word.

Sandy specializes in writing and editing materials on health and environmental issues that convert data and dense technical information into engaging, plain language, practical tools that help people to learn and take action (fact sheets, infographics, web copy, etc.). She has received training in information design and data visualization, and holds a Master’s degree in global issues and sustainability education. She has been instrumental on the following projects.

Wrote stories on successful land conservation projects in northwest Washington for the redesign of the Jefferson Land Trust website

Developed training materials and led classes on conservation strategies and climate change for City of Seattle programs

Continues to write high-level meeting reports on health issues that are used by developing country governments to develop national health strategies

Regularly writes and edits print and web materials on conservation, sustainability, and environmental issues for local and international clients (IUCN, GRI, Seattle Tilth, others).